How to transport your laptop?

Many of us have to move with a laptop. Whether for professional assignments or to work at home, this material is transported in many conditions.

The lucky ones will be motorized, but many of us travel by public transport. If the computer is a heavy model, you meet all the conditions for a sore shoulder. If so, here are some ways to carry your laptop.

Choosing a lightweight computer

First of all, choose a lightweight computer model. If it is necessary to carry weight, as much limit it by avoiding the laptops too heavy. The ultra-portables are designed to be transported during frequent trips, with very modest weights. Reducing the stress at the source remains the best way to limit future solicitations, especially since the computer is rarely alone in the bag.


Bags that are hand-carried are aesthetic, but binding if the content is heavy. Hold the bag continuously with one hand only on one side (even if you change hands regularly, you are certain that you have your favorite arm). For significant distances and frequencies, saddlebags are not necessarily recommended.

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Shoulder bags

This time, a shoulder strap avoids carrying the bag directly to arms. Except that again, depending on the side worn, the weight will rest on one shoulder: the load is not balanced. No problem if the journeys are short with a light computer, but hello the pain for the rest.


Side comfort, the shoulder straps distribute the weight on both shoulders. Well adjusted, it is kept on the back with a comfort foam. The backpack is a preferred track, even if their connotation young or sport will repel some aesthetes.

A trolley

A trolley is convenient when the content is large or heavy. For example, a trainer who travels with his computer and bibliographic media may be interested in this solution.

However, their movement remains complex depending on the routes and obstacles. Moving with a trolley quickly becomes painful on the street with changes in surfaces, sidewalks or stairs. Similarly, dragging the bag induces the arm to the back, which can solicit the shoulder.

It’s up to you to find the solution that suits you best

Different avenues are offered to employees, with their advantages and disadvantages. It will be a question of finding the best compromise according to the comfort and the needs of each one. In terms of solicitations, the backpack stands out clearly because it balances the weight on both shoulders equitably.

Some amenities may limit the transport of his computer. For example, a desktop computer can be installed in the company, reserving the laptop for use at home or on the go. Secure storage also allows the computer to be left in the premises, if it is not necessary to bring it home at home. Likewise, remote desktop or cloud systems provide access to files from anywhere, without having to use the same computer.

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