Why create your freight business?

The desire to undertake French is at its highest level. More than 1 in 3 French people dream of being self-employed, a proportion that reaches more than 60% among young people under 29 years of age. Each year, more than 525,000 companies are created, and France has more than 2.8 million self-employed workers, an increase of 25% since 2003. So, why not you?

An attractive way of life
Being your own boss: this is the first reason cited by the French for self-employment. Because who says independence, says freedom: freedom to choose his customers and missions, freedom to apply his work methods, freedom to work according to a time and chosen schedules, freedom to set and be able to change his balance private life – professional life .

Being master of one’s choices is a source of professional fulfillment – nearly 9 out of 10 young entrepreneurs are satisfied with their professional situation, with a recognized and useful activity.

For many, self-employment is also a gateway to or entry into the job market, in a tense environment where salaried experience is a criterion often over-valued by recruiters. For some years, it has been facilitated by the emergence of collaborative platforms linking independent companies and individuals seeking services or offering assignments.

The self-employed person must, however, be ready to assume all the responsibilities of a business creator. Legally, he is a company manager:

• a  company director, who may have different legal forms: EURL, SARL, SAS …
•  or as an individual entrepreneur, particularly via the status of self-entrepreneur

It is up to him to organize the framework of his activity, to fix his tariffs and to develop his customers, to which he is bound by contracts of service provision.

A road transport sector conducive to self-employment

The road transport sector includes road freight transport (3/4 of activity) and road transport of persons (1/4 of activity). It employs more than 630,000 people in France, mainly employees of TPE (companies with fewer than 10 employees) and self-employed people. The sector is currently booming with the explosion of e-commerce and it faces a shortage of manpower: we recruit in road transport!

These two activities, the transport of goods and the transport of persons, each have their own regulations and organization: one can not be improvised as a carrier, a certain number of criteria must be fulfilled, in particular training, and a professional authorized to transport goods. is not allowed to transport people … and vice versa!

The transport of people has been disrupted in recent years by the emergence of the status of VTC and platforms of private drivers.

Freight transport has for a long time suffered from a lack of image and, more recently, competition from the countries of Eastern Europe. It has, however, undergone a very real evolution: more feminized, with more comfortable and secure vehicles, and an improvement in work agreements, particularly in terms of remuneration. New collaborative platforms have also recently made it possible to link carriers and customers, including individuals, which opens up a new market for the self-employed.

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