Renovation and modernization of vehicles

Optimizing your fleet

When it comes to vehicle refurbishment and modernization, we offer the latest solutions, which are really economical. Modernization helps your vehicles last longer while being more reliable and helps to satisfy your customers by giving them a more comfortable and modern environment.

It’s amazing how much renovation and modernization is bringing older vehicles back to life. The challenge is to get the most out of the life of your vehicles, maximizing the value of your assets while keeping your fleet up to date. With Bombardier Transportation’s retrofit and retrofit solutions, you can economically upgrade your fleet by incorporating the latest technologies, such as modern passenger information and entertainment systems, while updating their design. interior and their mechanical equipment.

Here is what includes any major upgrade:

  • Mechanical upgrade
  • Electric upgrade
  • Diesel propulsion units
  • Vehicle modernization kits
  • Complete vehicle review
  • Repair of damage resulting from an accident
  • Vehicle life cycle extension
  • Upgrade the interior layout
  • Upgrading heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Passenger information systems

We have our own comprehensive vehicle refurbishment and modernization facilities in Europe and the United States.

Each part and subsystem counts

We have an extensive global logistics network, as well as excellent long-term international relationships with system vendors. With the benefit of our global purchasing power, we have what it takes to provide operators with real support with material sourcing or overhaul of equipment and systems. As experts in our field, we can help you optimize the lifecycle cost and availability of your fleet.

As always, we seek flexibility first, so our services can be tailored to meet your needs and resources. Whether you are looking for a tailor-made alternative solution or a more comprehensive set of planning and logistics that includes technical support, you can be sure to find a solution that meets your needs for materials, equipment overhaul and maintenance systems. transport.

  • Complete management of materials and logistics for a specific business sector or fleet. This solution includes the maintenance of your warehouse, as well as the assurance of the efficient, effective and timely production of materials.
  • Planning and optimization of spare parts. This solution optimizes inventory levels and helps to better predict performance.
  • Repair or upgrade components.
  • Supply of spare parts (supply, delivery and installation).
  • Complete refurbishment of systems.
  • Software upgrades.
  • Technical assistance.
  • Complete system verification.

After many years of building excellent relationships with our customers, we know how valuable it can be to meet. Our expert engineers can visit our customer locations to advise on parts usage and maintenance schedules.

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