Motorcycle transport: the advice to avoid mistakes

By air, by ship or by road, there are many ways to make a fast and safe motorcycle transport . The needs of those who move for pleasure or for work, in fact, can be many, and it is not infrequent not to be able to drive their two wheels to their destination, which must then be transported or shipped. There are different ways to ship a motorcycle, ranging from traditional specialized companies that make the move on wheels, to ship shipping or by air. Train transport, at least from Italy, is no longer possible.

UNDERSTAND THE NEEDS – At this point, you need to understand what your needs are, who the people can help you and which carrier is best to choose. We advise you, however, before any shipment, to wash and photograph the bike, to create a “documentary proof” of the state of the vehicle … you never know.

MOTORCYCLE TRANSPORT: SPEED AND HIGH COSTS – The transport of motorcycles by plane, needless to say, is without a doubt the fastest. If your goal is to receive your bike quickly without paying any expense – the cost in this case is similar to the cost of a passenger in the cabin (with extremely high peaks when it comes to long-haul flights, of course) – this It is undoubtedly the best solution. In order for you to use the plane, you must deliver the bike packed inside a box, having previously emptied it of all liquids. It is also possible that the airline, to ensure that the vehicle takes up less space, requires you to take off the handlebars, forks and wheels.

TRANSPORT BY SHIP: LONG TIMES – To ship motorcycles or scooters with a ship, you start by renting a 6 or 12 meter container. You can decide whether to make the trip “alone” or if you embark the bike in a container that already contains other products. To transport a motorbike in a container in a ship, especially abroad, it is necessary to properly pack the motorcycle to protect it from shocks and vibrations and fix it inside the container by ropes or by inserting it into wooden or metal cages. By the way, you must be present when the container is closed and when it is opened.
In this case, if the expense is lower than that of the air shipment, it is also true that your vehicle could take up to two months to arrive . If then the carrier is not clear on prices, you risk seeing them increased by 30% due to customs and container handling costs.

RUBBER TRANSPORT: MANAGEABLE, SAFE AND ECONOMIC – The transport of motorbikes by road can take place in different ways, considering also the availability of carts by acquaintances and friends. Motorcycle transport on national territory or abroad can take place:
• autonomously with trolley or van : you must own the van or an approved trolley to hook to your car, making sure to fix and lock the bike correctly.
• by courier: it may seem the safest way , but it is to be considered that the couriers in these cases make the collection and delivery only in their branches and not at home. Icing on the cake: the payment must generally take place in advance.
• as a load combined with other transports: this is the ideal solution for those wishing to transport or ship scooters and motorcycles throughout Italy and abroad. Without spending a fortune and without particular worries and needs of obligations, in fact, it is possible to exploit a transport in combination. What does it mean? It means that, through special web platforms like, you can exploit the transport of other goods by filling the spaces of a truck, a van or any other means of transport with your bike. In this way you can buy a motorcycle transport abroad at a very low price, maintaining a high level of service. Furthermore, collection and home delivery are planned.

How to choose transportation in a huge city like NYC?

New York has been regarded as the most populous and the most happening city in New York. This city has been the favorite spot for the visitors and the job seekers, as the NYC offers both the beautiful sites and job opportunities. No matter which purpose you came to this city, you need some transport to move around in the city during your stay. So, here the question is what would be the best transportation to choose while in New York City? Well, there is the variety of options from metros and subways to taxis. However, when it comes to selecting the best mean of transportation, the yellow cab service always comes first.

Affordability and availability:

So, how many of you search for Taxi service near me? Well, most of us search for a cab service once or twice in a day. Most of the population in New York consist of job holders who cannot afford to be late at work or feel tired to walk to the subway station. So, what is the best way to get home conveniently? Excellent taxi service is all you need, and New York offers the best taxi services in the country.

Interesting facts:

  • To hire a taxi hail to those taxis whose numbers are illuminated on the top, it is a sign of their being on duty.
  • The taxis are available 24/7 unlike other means of transportation.
  • You can dial to 311 in case of any lost items or any other inquiries.
  • For further information, you can visit the site of Taxi and Limousine Commission and have the latest information regarding the fares and taxis.
  • Most of the taxi service companies offer online booking services, and that makes the trip a lot easier.

Why choose Taxi service?

Transportation is something that is a critical part of our everyday lives, and we have to choose one carefully. If you are a visitor and want to explore the beauty of New York City or a job holder or a business executive, there is one mean of transport for you to choose-taxi service. Mentioned below are some of the reasons why should we choose taxi service?

  • Drivers are familiar with the routes:

The taxi drivers are well aware of all the roads and also the shortcuts to your destination so in case of heavy traffic load or hurry you can rely on them.

  • Online booking:

Most of the taxi companies are offering online booking services which made it easier for people to hire service right from their homes or offices. Moreover, in case of heavy luggage, you can engage the transportation accordingly.

  • Affordability:

If you like to work during your journey, then it is not at all possible in a subway crowded with passengers. Hiring taxi will offer you the much-needed privacy to do your work on your way.

Transport that offer peace of mind:

No matter which transportation you choose, the best transportation will always be the one which offers you the peace of mind, convenience, and facility at the affordable rates. So decide for yourself which transportation service you are going to choose?