Win Netent Consistently and Grow your Wagering Capital

By 21 January 2021

By default, video slots are designed to give casinos the upper hand. But can you change beat this? Before taking up offers from , it is important to devise strategies that increase your odds of winning. Here are tips that can you develop a gaming strategy that will help you play Netent slots and win consistently.

Developing Gaming Strategies that Win

Most video slots have jackpots. While slots are games of chance, staying in play for a long time increases your chances of winning the ultimate prize - the jackpot. Your strategy must revolve around bankroll management. Besides claiming free spins at here are tips that can help you stay in the game for a long time.

  • Choosing casino bonuses with lenient terms and conditions
  • Investing a large capital
  • Playing games that increase your chances of winning
  • Testing the games in demo before playing for real money

These tips allow you to focus on parameters that work to your advantage. Remember that developing a gaming strategy involves writing down rules that you will follow while playing the video slots. It also requires you to be disciplined to follow your rules. Let's have a closer look at the above tips.


Choosing Casino Bonuses Wisely

More often than not, casinos offer bonuses to clients. These range from welcome bonuses to weekly promotions and may or may not be linked to deposits. There are no rules as to how these bonuses are offered and casinos have the freedom to decide how the bonuses work. But these bonuses come with conditions.

These conditions can be punitive and had to achieve. For instance, casinos with high wagering requirement can see you play through your winnings and end up with no money. Also, some offers limit you to specific games that may not give you good returns. Therefore, be careful and only accept bonuses that can genuinely benefit you.

The Power of a Large Capital

In a game of chance that requires you to play through hundreds or even thousands of spins before you can land bigs wins, a huge bankroll can do wonders. It is therefore important to consider investing a large capital when playing video slots. To benefit from this capital you must do the following:

  • Place bets that can allow you to play more than 200 spins
  • Never wager more 5% of your bankroll
  • Stick to your gaming strategy

Placing small bets means that you will not only land small wins but also run small loses. But when you land the jackpot or maximum win of the game, your prize money will cover the small losses and leave you with more money to spare. However, big bets may land you substantial win but cost you huge losses.

Choose Games that Have High Payouts

Netent slots do not pay the same. Each game comes with its expected Return To Player percentage. It also features special features that greatly increase your chances of winning big. These features include scattering symbols, wilds and free spins within the gameplay. The features may also be designed to recur thus increasing your winnings.

Another important factor you should consider when choosing a video slot is its variance. This gives you an overview of how often you should expect to land winnings and how big they will be. A low variance gives you frequent but small wins while a high variance gives you fewer winnings with a higher chance of big wins.

Why You Need to Test Slots Before Wagering Real Money

Although video slots require no special expertise to play, testing the games in demo mode allows you to explore and test the special features of the game. Luckily, most Netent casinos allow you to play slots for fun without registering or making any deposit. Here is why you need to play slots in demo.

  • Test the slot's RTP%
  • Test the hit frequency of the game and thus gauge its variance
  • Guage whether the game is fun to play

You can also make use of third-party reviews to find out how the game has faired on in the industry. These reviews give you a deeper understanding of the game. As you play the games in demo mode, try to validate or disapprove claims by reviewers so that you can make independent strategies that work for you.